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Support Resources


passQi app Howto Videos

Short video clips that show how to perform different operations with passQi.

Howto videos

passQi 2 Documentation

These page contain the help files for the 1.1.1 versions of passQi and passQi+.

General Help
Detect Login Help
Settings Help
Setting Up Two-Step Verifications (passQi+ Only)

passQi mFactor Documentation

passQi Mailing List

Subscription to the passQi User mailing list is recommended; it will not spam you but only provide updates of usefulness and relevance. Subscription is managed within the app and can be turned on and off at any time. A confirmation email is sent before subscription is enrolled.

Note that your email address is not correlated in any way with your app behavior.

Your subscription to the passQi user mailing list can be managed within the app, or you can-subscribe here.

passQi mFactor Mailing List

Subscribe here; this is a separate mailing list from the passQi app mailing list for users.

Feedback Form

We are always interested to hear from our users regarding feedback, issues, and bugs. ¬†Note that we are always working to improve the site recognition and that unsupported sites are automatically logged (sites which cannot be “recognized” by passQi), and this provide input to future enhancements. ¬†(See Incompatible Sites.)

Feedback Form

Customer Support for passQi mFactor

For questions regarding your passQi mFactor subscriptions and related questions, click here.