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passQi mFactor and passQi 2 with Apple Watch released


passQi Introduces mFactor Multi-Factor Authentication for WordPress and passQi 2 with Apple Watch Support

New Multi-factor Authentication Platform Increases the Security Standard and Updated passQi App Enhances Security and Conveience for Consumers

Santa Cruz, CA, April 12, 2016 — passQi, an emerging mobile and Internet security solutions company, announced two new products aimed at solving the growing security challenges facing administrators and consumers — passQi mFactor for WordPress and passQi 2 with Apple Watch support. passQi mFactor is a next generation multi-factor authentication platform, made available for the first time to integrate seamlessly with WordPress authentication, complementing the passQi 2 app to provide an end-to-end login solution. passQi 2 with Apple Watch provides a convenient way to automatically relay password and two-factor login information without having to touch your phone.

“As news spreads of each new data breach consumers are demanding a more secure but convenient way to protect their accounts, while administrators turn to two-factor authentication solutions to secure their sites,” said David Eyes, founder of passQi. “The WordPress plugin implementation of our mFactor technology and updated app make multi-factor authentication simple for businesses to adopt and easy for consumers to use. These new advancements take authentication to the next level without increasing complexity for the administrators or consumers, which can close the loop on the biggest issue facing securing the web—adoption.”

passQi mFactor authentication system for WordPress creates a frictionless multi-factor experience without the need for one-time password codes for users to key in manually. WordPress installations receive a site-specific public key which is used in conjunction with a passQi private cloud key to encrypt the passQi mFactor token relayed between the user’s passQi 2 app and the site. passQi mFactor allows the site to determine definitively that the user was in possession of their smartphone device at the time of authentication without requiring a secondary challenge. passQi mFactor adds an additional layer of security with optional touchQi support for fingerprint recognition. passQi mFactor for WordPress is available for direct download today at and from the WordPress plugin directory.

passQi 2 with Apple Watch support is a secure and convenient way for passQi 2 users to interact securely with their logins. The new app extends functionality to the Apple Watch so users can conveniently relay password and two-factor authorizations from their wrists, without needing to take out their phone. The passQi 2 app can be used independent of the passQi mFactor product, providing consumers intelligent password management and two-factor authentication capabilities in a single app that works with virtually any site. passQi 2 with Apple Watch is available today in the iTunes App Store.

About passQi, Inc. passQi addresses the growing need for securing our digital identity in an increasingly open and connected world. The company believes in an empowered identity where the smartphone, not the cloud is the center of the consumer’s secured digital identity. passQi’s products start with device based identity, and harmonize password management with more advanced forms of authentication including two-factor, TOTP and now passQi mFactor. To learn more about passQi, visit