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What’s the difference between passQi and passQi+?

The free passQi product has all of the password management and login features of passQi+. passQi+ additionaly provides the ability to use TOTP (also known as “Google Authenticator Style”) one time passwords as part of your passQi managed login experience.

passQi passQi+
Secure Bridging
Login Page Recognition
Passsword Reset Page Recognition
Drag and Drop Bookmark
Free Backup To Dropbox
Smart Clipping for iPhone app Login*
Remote Vault Delete
Secure Notes
TouchID Support**
Two Step Verification***
QR Scan
Two Step Verification
code relay
Two Step Verification
code backup
PRICE Free $6.99

* requires iOS 8
** requires Touch ID device
*** Time-based One Time Password or Two-Step Verification