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Intelligent password management.
Two Factor Authentication.
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The most secure and powerful password management tool, – plus two-factor authentication that you’ll actually want to use

passQi 2 is the password management tool designed around your smartphone from the bottom up. The smartphone is the safest place to store your passwords (rather than in the cloud or replicated across multiple devices) and has all of the capabilities built in to securely connect your password vault with any target browser, and relay your passwords over the internet securely to automate login. The same technology that can securely relay your passwords can also relay your one-time passwords.  It’s never been possible to secure your on line accounts this powerfully and this securely.

passQi 2 advantages

  • Login information is stored on your phone, not in the cloud or your computer
  • Works with nearly every site without any configuration
  • No plugins, working on every modern browser with a simple bookmark
  • Password management, two-factor and two-step verification (TOTP) with an in-app upgrade in a single app

How does it work?

A simple bookmark

Any modern browser can be configured by dragging the bookmark [insert bookmark link with icon] to your favorites bar. Browse to a site requiring login and click the bookmark to generate a unique QR code to scan with your app. passQi will auto-detect most login forms, and will guide you through a simple identification process if it can’t.

Scan once

Once your phone and your browser are bridged, passwords will be securely retrieved from your phone automatically when you click on the bookmark, even if the phone is sleeping and passQi is in the background. You can even use your Apple Watch to automatically OK the relay of your login information without pulling out your phone.

Not just for desktops

passQi 2 works with mobile Safari—just tap the browser extension to automatically trigger a fetch from the app. Additionally, passQi Smart Clipping automatically queues the username, followed by the password, to be pasted into the clipboard for easy login to iPhone apps.  And of course a TOTP code if there is one for the account.

Secure password management

Your phone. Your vault.

The Cloud is a great place for storing all kinds of things, but not your passwords. Your logins are only safe when you know they are in your pocket. Passwords get relayed on-demand, securely encrypted with a one-time AES-256 bit key that is never transmitted on the network.

A lock is only as secure as it’s key

Your vault can be secured by Touch ID, as well as PIN and passphrase.  Nothing leaves the vault without notification on your device or Apple Watch.

Good housekeeping

Update your vault automatically from most password reset pages and if you need to destroy your vault remotely, simply call 678-2LOCKUP, or go to passQi2 includes free backups of a passphrase-encrypted file to a Dropbox account.

Real. Secure.

Every other login solution stores your passwords in the cloud, on your desktop or replicated across multiple devices. Increased access points equals multiplies your vulnerability. passQi 2 stores login information only in your phone and delivers it just-in-time for login.

Encryption keys never touch the network

Passwords and tokens are relayed through the cloud at login time, encrypted each time with a one-time Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) key which is only known to the browser and your phone. A quick scan of the QR code generated by the bookmark transmits the initial key (for each “bridged” session) as optical image data, and the key information is never visible over the internet. The password data crossing the internet is secured by encryption keys that are undiscoverable, because they never appear anywhere on the network.

Painless two-step verification

With the in-app upgrade you can secure you accounts at sites like Google, Salesforce, Dropbox, AWS, Slack, Kickstarter, Evernote, and more just as easily as standard password sites, using TOTP one-time password codes. passQi automatically relays the six digit codes that change every 30 seconds.