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Lost Phone

Securing Passwords on a Lost Phone

If your phone has been lost or stolen, you can de-activate it remotely on this page. (Or call 678-2LOCKUP from any phone).

The iPhone of course has remote lock and reset capabilities available through iCloud and the Find iPhone app; passQi also has an application-level feature to remotely delete the password database from your phone, if you wish to secure your passwords without resorting to the Lost Phone or Erase iPhone options.

To trigger deletion of your passQi data, enter your phone number and passQi PIN in the form below; on confirmation, the phone will be set to delete all password data that next time it performs a cloud security status checkin (e. g., on start up or vault entry), or if any web site authentication is attempted with stored passwords.

  • Note, If you have a passphrase configured (recommended), it is possible to bypass the network checkin and access the Vault directly (which is the purpose of the passphrase option). ¬†Any QR logins however require network access and will trigger deletion. (Passphrase security is extremely difficult to crack.)
  • The delete passwords operation CANNOT be undone; all password data stored on the phone by the passQi application will be deleted when the application performs its next security check.

You can also perform this action at any time by calling 678-2LOCKUP and entering your phone number and pin using the interactive voice response system.