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About passQi


the smartphone:
the natural center of your digital identity.
empowering this is our mission

Empowered Identity

With a current product focus on solving the user’s online account management and security problem, we more broadly see that an “empowered identity” – where the user’s phone itself becomes their personal stronghold for all aspects of their identity – is the right direction for all of us.

Bringing Cloud Identity Down to Earth

Rather that storing your personal data with some “big brother” provider in the cloud, passQi’s goal is to let you plug yourself into the cloud when and where you want to. All of your personal data is stored only in your phone, and passQi cloud services only relay information between your phone and a target – be it a website or other cloud-connected device – as you decide.

Embracing the Present

Looking at the password and account security problem, there was a realization that many of the current phone-based identity “solutions” – while technically well-founded – were pursuing a “leapfrog” rip and replacement of passwords, with the resultant “chicken and egg” adoption problem.

We believe the road to simplifying and securing user authentication with device-based identity begins by embracing – rather than trying to bypass – the admittedly messy problem of passwords, but in a new way that puts user login security on the path to enhanced login, such as two-step verification.  And then building on that foundation through the addition of more secure and powerful forms of authentication such as TOTP or passQi mFactor.

Laying the Foundation

passQi Inc. is a startup located in Santa Cruz, CA, dedicated to bringing this vision to market – including a free end user application, provided in the conviction that traction with users who align with its approach, features, and functionality, will be the foundation for future platform extensions.  This approach can be applied in enterprise IAM, two-factor site security, consumer marketing, and in lightweight, ad hoc identity-aware transactions, built around an opt-in model that first and foremost, keeps the user squarely in charge of their personal information.

David Eyes



David Eyes has served in management roles at Apple Computer, The Santa Cruz Operation, and Rearden Commerce (now deem, Inc.), most recently as Vice President of Consumer Loyalty. His identity management background includes a role as lead product manager for the first fully commercialized solution for integrating Linux and Unix systems with Microsoft Active Directory at Vintela, Inc. (acquired by Quest then Dell).

He founded passQi driven by the desire to give users more control of their personal data coupled with the conviction that empowered users are engaged and available users for identity-aware, brokered transactions.

He is a graduate of New York University and is co-author of Programming the 65816.