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Smarter, not harder.


End to end encryption between your smartphone vault and your browser


 passQi 2 app 

Intelligent Password Security

passQi mFactor

Seamless site 2Factor


Two Channel Encryption for Multi-factor Authentication of  your Web Site



More Secure

Passwords are stored only in your phone, never in the cloud and are relayed on-demand via a one-time AES-256 bit key that is never transmitted on the network.



Any modern browser, any computer, on any platform is passQi ready with just a bookmark. Login to nearly any site with automated form detection and stay connected with automatic bridging.


passQi makes security smarter, not harder with automated login and advanced two-factor authentication. The passQi app keeps your passwords out of the cloud and stores them in the safest place, your phone.


the password vault that goes with you


Your piece of the cloud is the smartphone in your pocket, storing your sensitive data in the most physically secure place possible – under your direct control.

  • Passwords stored only on the your smartphone vault, a single tool that goes everywhere with you
  • Decryption keys are never stored on target devices
  • Nothing leaves the vault without a notification on your device
  • One-time keys securely relay information, but are never passed through the network
  • Use your Apple Watch to automatically relay your login information without pulling out your phone.

… passQi lets me login automatically anywhere, without storing my passwords in the cloud!

See it action.

This overview explains both why password security is increasingly important and details all of the key features of passQi in action. It also illustrates the two-step verification support provided by the passQi+ version Feature comparison guide: passQi and passQi+

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For the iPhone version, the TOTP two-step verification support feature is available as an in-app purchase.  A trial enablement for a single account is included in the free version, which provides the full password management feature set.